5.0 GHz to 50.0 GHz Quad Ridged Horn Antenna


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Frequency, Min (GHz):
Frequency, Max (GHz):
2.40 mm
CW Power Handling (Watts):
5 W
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This quad ridged horn is a versatile antenna that can be used for a variety of purposes, including spherical near-field (SNF) testing and far-field range illumination. With its wide frequency bandwidth, it can replace several standard Open-Ended Waveguide (OEWG) probes or horns, eliminating the need to manually change range antennas. Quad ridged horns are typically smaller than equivalent OEWG probes at low frequencies, making near-field testing easier and more convenient.


  • Frequency range 5.0–50.0 GHz far-field use
  • Frequency range 5.0–26.5 GHz spherical near-field use
  • Wide bandwidth and low return loss

Quad Ridged Horn Pattern Calibration

Frequency Range: 5.0–26.5 GHz

  • Non-Accredited Calibration Certificate
  • One set of Spherical Near Field probe patterns in either NSI2000 or MI-3000 format provided
  • Calibrated to the operational frequency band of the specific ANT-QRH horn


Model ANT-QRH-5-50
Frequency Range 5.0–50.0 GHz
VSWR (max) 2.5
VSWR (avg) 1.45
Connector 2.40 mm (includes 2.40 mm (male) to F (female) right angle adapter)
Power (CW/Peak) 5 W / 10 W
Antenna Factor 40–52 dB/m
Polarization Dual Linear

Typical Measured Data