1.7 GHz to 2.6 GHz Dual Polarized Probe

Frequency, Min (GHz):
Frequency, Max (GHz):
Waveguide Type:
N-Female (2)
Max Power (Watts):
50 W
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NSI-MI offers a dual-linearly polarized, high-performance probe covering 1.7–2.6 GHz. This probe is designed specifically for near-field antenna measurements and come with a typical probe pattern correction coefficients for PNF and SNF measurements*. It covers a typical half-octave frequency band aligning with the standard waveguide bands. Additionally, the probe features a circular aperture that is ideal for spherical near-field measurements with knife-edge profiles that minimize backscatter in planar near-field antenna measurements. Our probes are high accuracy calibration items that come with standard absorber and a mounting cage compatible with most NSI-MI positioners. This larger sized probe is shipped in a re-usable and durable shipping container to protect your investment and is manufactured to provide many years of useful life in the measurement facility.

*PNF and SNF probe pattern coefficients provided are compatible with the NSI2000 software. CNF probe pattern coefficients may be available. Probe patterns may be available for the MI-3000 software. For other availability and compatibility with other antenna measurement software please contact sales.


  • Dual-linear polarization
  • Broad, stable beamwidths
  • Low cross-polarization


  • Probe specific gain and pattern calibration
  • Calibration certificates


Model ANT-DPP-1.7-2.6-ABS
Frequency Range 1.70 GHz–2.60 GHz
Waveguide Type WR-430
Max Power (W) 50
Connector Type N-Female (2)
Absorber Size: mm (in.)  203.2 (8) Pyramidal
Material Aluminum
Nominal VSWR 1.8:1 (Max < 2.5:1)
Cross-polarization discrimination > 35 dB
Port to port isolation > 35 dB
Operating temperature range 10°C–50°C
Gain (nominal) 9.0 dBi
3 dB beamwidth 40°

Typical Measured Data

PORT 1 Horizontal-Cut

PORT 2 Horizontal-Cut

PORT 1 Vertical-Cut

PORT 2 Vertical-Cut