50.0 GHz to 75.0 GHz Waveguide Probe


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Brass with Gold Plating
CW Power Handling (Watts):
5 W
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NSI-MI Technologies’ Waveguide probes (ANT-WGP) enable accurate and practical microwave antenna pattern and gain measurements. Their primary application is as a measurement sensor for probe-corrected planar, cylindrical, and spherical near-field antenna measurements. These products provide a well-known and repeatable antenna pattern that can be obtained from closed form mathematical models.

Waveguide probes are available to cover the frequency range from 0.49 to 170 GHz in approximately half octave bandwidths based upon standard waveguide sizes. The probes are constructed of aluminum for horns whose frequencies range from 0.49-50 GHz (waveguide sizes from WR-1500 through WR-22). Brass or copper is used for probes whose operating frequency starts at 40 GHz or higher (waveguide sizes from WR-19 through WR-6). Aluminum probes are plated prior to painting to prevent corrosion, while brass- or copper-made ones are gold plated only.


  • Rectangular open-ended waveguide
  • Coax-to-waveguide transition (below 50 GHz)
  • Tapered ends to minimize diffraction effects


Model ANT-WGP-50-75
Frequency Range (GHz) 50.0–75.0
Material Brass with Gold Plating
Waveguide Type WR-15
Nominal Directivity (dBi) 7.0
VSWR 2.5:1
CW Power Handling (W) 5
RF Connector Waveguide

Typical Measured Data

WR-15 WGP E-Plane

WR-15 WGP H-Plane