75 GHz to 110 GHz Linear Polarized Feed


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NSI-MI offers a linearly-polarized, high-performance feed covering frequencies from 75 to 110 GHz. This feed horn generates the broad beamwidth (30° 1 dB beamwidth and 60° 3 dB beamwidth) radiation pattern required to optimize the performance of most compact range reflectors. Optimized radiation pattern is maintained over the full waveguide frequency bandwidth; thus maximizing the compact range system performance. Like all other NSI-MI Technologies' antennas, ANT-LPF feeds are designed and manufactured to provide many years of useful life in the test range.

Storage case included.


  • Low gain, broad beamwidth illumination
  • Low cross-polarization
  • Constant beamwidth
  • Linear polarization
  • Customizable beamwidth available

Ideal For

  • Compact range testing
  • Near-field testing
  • Unit under test (UUT) illumination


Model ANT-LPF-75-110
Frequency Range (GHz) 75.0–110.0
Waveguide Type WR-10
Connector Type Waveguide 
Band W
Material Aluminum
Cross-polarization discrimination > 35 dB
Nominal VSWR 1.5:1 (Max < 2:1)
Operating temperature range 10°C–50°C
Gain (nominal) 10 dBi ±0.5 dBi
3 dB beamwidth 57° ±4°