40.0 GHz to 60.0 GHz Coax to Waveguide Adapter


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Brass with Gold Plating
1.85 mm
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NSI-MI coax to waveguide adapters (ANT-CWA) provide a simple and convenient way to connect between a waveguide and coaxial transmission line. Adapter coverage is available from 350 MHz to 70 GHz in commonly used waveguide bands. These adapters are precision manufactured and have low VSWR. ANT-CWA adapters are designed to fit NSI-MI's Standard Gain Horns (ANT-SGH) and many of our near-field probes and feeds.

  • Full waveguide bandwidth
  • Precision manufactured
  • Low VSWR
  • Designed to fit NSI-MI's standard gain horns (ANT-SGH)
  • Designed to fit standard waveguide RF flanges


Model ANT-CWA-40-60
Frequency Range (GHz) 40.0–60.0
Material Brass with Gold Plating
Waveguide Type WR-19
VSWR < 1.4:1
CW Power Handling (W) -
RF Connector 1.85 mm
Length cm (in.) 3.8 (1.5)
Weight kg (lb.)  0.2 (0.5)