18.0 GHz to 26.5 GHz Standard Gain Horn


Frequency, Min (GHz):
Frequency, Max (GHz):
2.92 mm
CW Power Handling (Watts):
15 W
Waveguide Type:
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This specialized standard gain horn guarantees accurate measurements in antenna test range applications with a frequency range of 18 to 26.5 GHz. Made with high-quality materials, it remains durable and reliable even after years of use. We offer various configurations to meet your specific needs in antenna testing. Trust our standard gain horns for consistent and dependable results.


  • Precision gain calibration standard
  • Robust welded mechanical design
  • Compliant with NRL-4433 standard
  • Linear polarization
  • Low VSWR


Model ANT-SGA-18-26.5
Frequency Range (GHz) 18.0–26.5
Material Aluminum
Waveguide Type WR-42
Nominal Gain (dBi) 24.6
VSWR <1.5:1
CW Power Handling (W) 15
RF Connector 2.92 mm


We offer six different configurations of our Standard Gain Horns. If you're looking for a gain horn with a standard waveguide flange, we have models available with the prefix ANT-SGH. For a complete assembly that includes a coax input port, mounting cage, and optional absorber, our models with the prefix ANT-SGA are a perfect choice.

Model Configuration
ANT-SGH (Standard Gain Horn) Standard Gain Horn (SGH), Horn Only
SGH with Coax to Waveguide Adapter
ANT-SGA (Standard Gain Horn Assemblies) SGH with Mid-flange and Coax to Waveguide Adapter
SGH with Cage Only
SGH with Cage and Absorber
SGH with Cage and Large Absorber