Short Course

NSI-MI's Short Course is an online lecture series on a wide variety of introductory and advanced topics related to antenna measurements, near-field theory, and compact ranges. These lectures are pre-recorded so attendees can watch at their own pace over a four-week session held every spring and fall. We also provide the ability to download the lecture slides. Every Short Course session includes a live Q&A opportunity with the instructors to ask questions and/or discuss the topics in greater depth. Our Virtual Short Course is a great opportunity for engineers and technicians using and operating NSI-MI antenna test systems to learn more about antenna measurement theory and techniques.


Virtual Short Course covers theoretical and practical aspects of near-field, far-field, and compact range antenna measurements. We offer three options so you can choose the best fit for your needs:

What's Covered

Topics Full Short Course Near-Field Bundle Compact Range Bundle
Introduction to General Antenna Measurements
Gain Measurement
Introduction to Absorber and Shielding
RF Instrumentation for Antenna Measurement Systems
Advanced RF for Antenna Measurement Systems
Introduction to Near-Field Theory
Implementation of Near-Field Systems
Near-Field Range Alignment
Spherical Near-Field Theory
Near-Field Range Assessments
Chambers and Absorber for Near-Field Systems
Near-Field Probes
Introduction to Compact Ranges
Implementation of Compact Ranges
Compact Range Applications: RCS Measurements
Compact Range Design and Manufacture
Chambers and Absorber for Compact Ranges
Advanced Compact Range Topics
Compact Range Applications: Radome Testing

Standalone Modules

NSI2000 Software Overview and Demonstration
NSI2000 Scripting
MI-3000 Software Overview
Integration and Test of Active Electronically Scanned Arrays